- Knowledge management for development cooperation and humanitarian aid - Development cooperation 2.0 

With GrassrootsWiki, idea-sketch pursued its own knowledge management project in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid

In developing countries, and during reconstruction phases after disasters, local people but also international aid workers need to perform pragmatically, easily realizable, and replicable (grass roots) technologies. In addition to technical equipment it also needs application procedures and business concepts to improve living, working and environmental conditions. Many such devices, construction methods, procedures and business ideas were already developed and tested worldwide. The knowledge about such solutions, however, is often only locally or within a limited project known and in use. Insufficient access to a spread know-how prevent people to quickly react in emergency situations or to develop sustainable solutions. For  humanitarian aid workers  and experts in development cooperation, the management of knowledge is a crucial factor for a successful and efficient work. 

GrassrootsWiki was developed to collect distributed knowledge, to structure it, and to share it so that it can unfold positive effects in other regions, too. The Internet as  information medium is more and more also available in developing countries and crisis regions. Similar to the popular Wikipedia, GrassrootsWiki is a website where all users can create and add content. A wide range of stakeholders—from local developers and users, local consultants up to experts of international organization—share their knowledge on GrassrootsWiki. Together they produce many more innovations than individuals or experts within organizations would be able to do. The goal of the project is to establish an increasing knowledge base about appropriate technologies. At the same time an active community of users and experts growth, which empowers people not only to be recipients of information and assistance but developers and promoters of ideas.