Wikis - Knowledge is spread out over lots of brains

The importance of knowledge in organisations and enterprises increases rapidly. In modern companies knowlegde is usually distributed among many employees; substantial coor­dination is necessary. Traditional knowledge tools often seem to be insufficient for managing the entire knowledge within an organization efficiently. Wikis provide a new way to utilize knowledge widely distributed among the people working for your company .

Wikis are collaborative websites that allow people to create, change, and link Internet content in a straightforward and simple way. Programming skills are not required—creating and editing content is as easy as using word processing software. All versions of a page are stored so that nothing will be lost by accident.

The best known wiki is Wikipedia. Idea-sketch uses the same software as this famous online encyclopedia. If you are looking for a secure long-term solution for your wiki you are on the safe side. WikiMedia has millions of users accross the world and thousands of developers work constantly on its improvement.

idea-sketch also offers the integration of numerous extensions to your wiki in order to match your specific requirements. Blogs, forums, social networking, PDF book creation and multimedia content are just a few examples which could make your Wiki a flexible and powerful tool.

In order to meet your needs even more perfectly, we will also develop customized extensions.

What does idea-sketch for your organization?

  • Consulting
    • Advice on the vast potentials of wikis
    • Analysis of existing processes and procedures in your organization
  • Implementation
    • Individual Wiki-concept based on the identified requirements
    • Establishment of the wiki and necessary extensions
    • Development of new modules for specific application scenarios
    • Adaption of your corporate identity (CI)
  • Introduction and Training
    • Training and support of staff and teams
    • Creation of online manuals
  • Evaluation
    • Analysis of the usage of your Wikis
    • Site use statistics and surveys
    • Identification of optimization potentials