E-Learning - Reach your students everywhere

In today's business world, most professionals consider the acquisition of new qualifications a must and as an integral part of their work. At the same time, educational institutions are increasingly confronted with highly  specialized demands.

In order to reach students who are not located close to an educational institution or to allow a flexible scheduling for working students, computer-and Internet-based learning systems are a suitable solution.

Also in the field of E-learning, open source solutions provide increasingly effective tools for the creation of courses and online-seminars (webinars). For example the open-source e-learning platform Moodle has been successfully applied by numerous German and international universities for several years.

The introduction of an E-learning strategy requires much more than just installing a software package. The teaching concept behind an E-learning strategy is crucial for success.


What can idea-sketch do for your e-learning strategy?

  • Consulting
    • Advice on the implementation of learning materials in electronic form
    • Design E-learning strategies
    • Creation of work-flow plans 
  • Implementation
    • Individual e-learning—concept based on the identified requirements
    • Establishment of an e-learning platform based on Moodle
    • Integration of multimedia content
    • Adaptation of your corporate identity
  • Introduction and Training
    • Training and support of staff and teams
    • Creation of online - manuals
  • Evaluation
    • Analysis of the usage of your e-learning platform
    • Site use statistics and surveys
    • Identification of optimization potentials


The implementation of an e-learning strategy is a process that often takes several years until success is measurable. idea-sketch will be a reliable partner that along the way.

Tell us your motivations and goals to use e-learning systems. We can help you to selsect the optimal solution for your needs and make you an offer for mid- and long-term collaboration.